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Headline: UNCAPTIONED: Taron Egerton 'felt very, very famous' when meeting Britney Spears

Caption: Taron Egerton 'felt very, very famous' when meeting Britney Spears. The Rocketman star appeared on the latest episode of the Just For Variety podcast for an interview about his brushes with fame. During the podcast, Taron shared that he had never felt so popular as on 23 July when Britney Spears posted videos on Instagram of the two meeting in London at a mutual friend’s dinner party. “I felt very, very, very famous for a second,” Taron said, crediting the pop star’s “passionate” fans for the attention. “I love Britney”. Britney captioned the video, “Coolest guy ever!!! Such a freaking fan!”. On how Britney acted at the party, Taron recalled, “She was very, very, very lovely”. The actor also admitted that he had been a Britney fan since her early days. “I was exactly the right age to have been swept up in all that mania… She’s a force.” FOR USE IN ENTIRETY ONLY

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