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Headline: UNCAPTIONED: 4 Louisville Police Officers Federally Charged in Breonna Taylor's Death

Caption: 4 Louisville Police Officers Federally Charged in Breonna Taylor's Death. CNN reports that four former and current police officers in Louisville, Kentucky, were arrested on Aug. 4. During a press conference, Attorney General Merrick Garland said they were charged with unconstitutional use of force and obstruction offenses, civil rights offenses and unlawful conspiracies. Brett Hankison is charged with two counts of deprivation of rights under color of law. He previously faced three charges of felony wanton endangerment but was acquitted in March. Kyle Meany, Joshua Jaynes and Kelly Goodlett are charged with providing a false affidavit to enter and search Taylor's home. The three officers are also accused of working together to create a , "false cover story in an attempt to escape responsibility for their roles in preparing the warrant affidavit that contained false information”. CNN reports that these are the first federal charges brought against the officers who shot and killed Taylor, a Black medical worker, at her apartment during a botched raid in 2020. FOR USE IN ENTIRETY ONLY

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