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Headline: Extremely Rare Stainless-Steel Ford Collection Is Heading To Auction

Caption: A trio of rare stainless steel Ford cars are heading for auction this Friday (5th September). The extremely rare cars span decades of Ford Motor Company’s design. Originally created in 1935 as a means to promote stainless steel and its then-new possibilities, Ford used the tough material to construct just three models - the 1936 Deluxe Sedan, the 1960 Thunderbird and 1967 Lincoln Continental Convertible - and one of each is included in this unique listing. Made in collaboration with Pittsburgh-based metal firm Allegheny Ludlum Inc., only 11 stainless steel cars were ever manufactured, making them some of the rarest in Ford’s design canon. The Deluxe Sedan was the first vehicle produced from the partnership, and became a centerpiece of the stainless steel marketing campaign. Six of the cars were built in total and were intended to be used as rolling billboards across the United States. The Sedans were finally retired in 1946, but not before each car logged over 200,000 miles with Allegheny Ludlum executives behind the wheel. Only four of those original six cars still exist today, including the one in the auction lot. The success of that first run of cars led Allegheny to partner with Ford on two other stainless cars, the T-Bird and the Continental Convertible. Just two of the special Thunderbirds were made in 1960 and came with bodywork formed in T302 stainless steel. Both cars still sport their original stainless exhaust systems today, more than 60 years and 100,000 miles later. Three Continental Convertible were built a few years later and were made to mirror the production versions exactly, except for the stainless steel bodies. “This trio has amazingly been retained by the original corporate owner from new,” said John Kruse, Principal and Auctioneer. “They are extraordinary artifacts from a dynamic era of innovation for the both the steel and automotive industries in America.' "After lifetime custodianship Allegheny Ludlum believe that they deserve to take their place in a significant collection or museum where they can be more widely appreciated in a collector car environment for generations to come, and we are honoured to have been entrusted with their sale.” The Auburn Auction is scheduled to take place at Worldwide’s Auburn, Indiana global headquarters on September 5th.

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