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Headline: Traditional 'Nouka Baich' Boat Race In Bangladesh

Caption: The Nouka Baich Boat Race is the traditional dragon boat-style rowing sport of Bangladesh. The races are held during the wet and autumn seasons of the Bengali calendar which corresponds from June to October in the Gregorian calendar. The ''Nouka Baich'' which takes place annually in Birmingham is a leading cultural event in the West Midlands, United Kingdom attracting not only the Bangladeshi diaspora but a variety of cultures. It is also the largest kind of boat race in the United Kingdom. This Nouka Baich is happening at ''Rupsha River'' in Khulna city in Bangladesh. Boats used for Nouka Baich are long, with each team consisting from 7 to up to 100 members. Boats with motor engines are not allowed. Boats are usually named with attractive and boastful names displaying quality and speed. During inter-riverine competitions, teams are named after their respective 'Home Rivers'. It is also a social event and it is common for the competitors to sing 'Sari Song' (Folk songs) as they compete during the race.